I found my passion

So happy to see you here! ✨
I’m Anna, the owner of a small daabART shop where you can find hand-drawn personalized pet, cat and dog portraits from photos and artwork.

I have a passion for watercolors because they look so clean, light and at the same time, watercolors create a loose artistic style. This medium gives you the opportunity to show deep feelings on paper.

My journey started with the idea to give something special and unique to my close friends. They had such lovely dogs with stunning characters. I made portraits for them to show all those emotions and gratitude that I feel through my art. So I found out that a pet portrait is such a thoughtful gift for a person you appreciate! I was so inspired to show gratitude and love to close friends and family. 

Before my watercolor journey I had 6 years of experience in graphic and web design. But for me it didn’t feel right, so I started improving my drawing skills in art school and digital art classes. 

My creative process starts with understanding a pet’s character, which I’m planning to draw. From there, I sketch the posture and main elements from the reference photo and refine them until I’m happy with the final sketch result. After that, I sketch the final version on 100% cotton paper with a watercolor pencil to have a really light and transparent foundation for future painting. Next step is choosing a color palette and putting colors layer by layer on paper. The final step is to add details to the portrait. A one-of-a-kind watercolor pet portrait is ready to be wrapped and shipped to your home or to be gifted to someone you love!

Every work is custom and made to order. All of my work is created with high quality watercolor paint on 100% cotton acid free paper. All these parameters prevent fading.

The dog portrait (or cat portrait) is a great idea for a birthday present, an anniversary gift, a dog lover’s gift, a Mother’s Day gift, a Christmas gift, a pet memorial, a Father’s Day gift, a grandparent gift, a teacher gift and more!

Thank you so much for supporting my small business and for choosing handmade over mass-produced items! 




Let’s see what I can create for you